Secure Badgeholder SafeRack’s portable platforms, gangway ramps, truck loading racks and fall protection units provide safe, rugged and dependable loading and access solutions for trucks, railcars, flatbeds, barges and ships.

SafeRack’s commitment to durability means a return on investment. SafeRack uses only the highest quality materials in the construction of its products to ensure that they operate dependably for years. SafeRack’s engineering advancements reduce the seams in each component for fewer welds and greater strength. Robotic and laser manufacturing techniques build each part to tight tolerances and perfect welds, every time.

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Truck Loading  Single  Hatch

Portable Ladders & Platforms

SafeRack portable platforms are available in perpendicular or parallel configuration models. Perpendicular configuration allows for easy spotting with the tank truck, while parallel configuration is designed for increased maneuverability in tight spaces. The ladder is available in two adjustable sizes, with 10 – 14′ and 12 – 16′ models, depending on the needed height. While SafeRack’s portable loading ramps are easily adjustable and highly maneuverable, the base of the rolling platform is exceptionally stable to ensure on-the job safety.

Portable Ladders and Platforms

Gangway Ramps

SafeRack’s G4 Series truck and railcar gangways and bridges have been engineered for durability and ease of use. These access gangways are built with rugged, oversized parts to stand up to abuse and feature counterbalanced and adjustable springs which help raise and lower the units with minimal effort.

Gamngway Ramps

Truck Loading Racks

SafeRack single hatch tank truck loading racks accommodate a wide variety of applications including truck inspections, venting hatches, single hatch loading, sampling and hose connection hookups. SafeRack loading racks can be coordinated with piping and loading arms, pneumatic packages to raise and lower the gangway, transfer augers, and canopies. These loading platforms can be customized to fit the needs of any size tank truck.

Available in 10′ 6″, 12′ and 15′ 9″ heights with 3×5′ or 4×6′ platforms.

Truck Loading  Single  Hatch

Transloader Systems

SafeRack’s Transloading unit mounts to a 4-wheel trailer which can be towed. The unit features:

  • Vapor recovery hoses
  • Filters, strainers and air eliminators
  • Grounding and overfill prevention equipment
  • Manual, check and control valves
  • RTD temperature sensors
  • Pumps, meters and presets
  • Ticket printer
  • Emergency E-stop

Truck Loading  Single  Hatch

Flatbed Fall Protection

Our Lifeline Fall Protection Systems provide full length cable systems for trucks which allow multiple hatch and multiple vehicle fall protection.

Available in 10′ 6″, 12′ and 15′ 9″ heights with 3×5′ or 4×6′ platforms.

Flatbed Fallback Protection

Tarping Equipment

SafeRack’s Truck Loading Racks are available in Fixed Platforms, Adjustable platforms, and Rolling, Mobile Platforms. They facilitate the safe inspection and loading of flatbed trucks.

The SafeRack Truck Tarping System turns the hazardous and time consuming process of tarping flat bed loads into a safe and simple job accomplished by one person.

Flatbed Fallback Protection