Secure BadgeholderCredit card readers can be easily purchased that will read the credit account number, expiration date, and, in some cases, even name off your new RFID enabled credit card. These readers can easily be concealed by electronic pickpocketers so that someone could walk through a crowd, ride on a subway, elevator, or other crowded area and steal nearby credit card information without the card holder ever knowing it happened.

Luckily, IES has a solution to offer: Secure Badgeholders® and Sleeves from the Identity Stronghold product line. They provide an RFID barrier that, as the manufacturer says, “puts the user in control of where and when the card is read.” Two badge styles are available. The Classic blocks RFID from reading a single card, while the DuoLite™ is designed for up to two cards.

Secure Sleeve®, Secure Badgeholder®, and Secure Wallet™ products create an RFID shield by blocking the electromagnetic energy necessary to power and communicate with contactless smart cards, passports, enhanced drivers licenses (EDLs), TWIC, PIV, CAC and transit cards. This is essential to total security because although most contactless smart card systems implement industry-standard security mechanisms, readers can be modified to access information without authorization.

Secure Badgeholder® Classic

Badge Products ClassicBlocks RFID reading of a single iClass, TWIC, LincPass, PIV, CAC, or other identification card. The Secure Badgeholder® Classic meets the FIPS-201 shielding requirements. It puts the user in control of where and when their ID card is read with patented “Squeeze-to-read” technology.

DuoLiteSecure Badgeholder® DuoLite™

Badge Products ClassicThe Secure Badgeholder DuoLite™ holds and shields either one or two cards. One side of the badgeholder allows the card to be inserted and removed from the top. The other side allows the card to be inserted and removed from the side. You do not have to completely remove the card from the holder in order for it to be read.

Passport Secure Sleeve®

Badge Products Passport Sleeve 1229Designed to protect a single passport embedded with a wireless chip. Protects you against identity theft, tracking and other unauthorized reads.

Badge Reels

Badge Products Badge Reels 1182No more bending forward in order to get your ID card close to a scanner. With a retractable 34″ reel, now you can clip it and zip it. The reel can connect via the carabiner clip or the clip on the back can clip to a pocket.

Credit Card Secure Sleeve®

Badge Products Credit Card Sleeve 1157Our special alloy sleeves are designed to shield RFID signals and protect a single ID Card, credit card, debit card, transit card, mifare card, passport card, TWIC or enhanced drivers license.